Welcome in the world of mic o mic​


Schäfer Toy Company GmbH is a young and dynamic German company with an import office in Hong Kong and its own manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, China.
To ensure the long-lasting, high quality of all mic o mic products, we use the finest materials from leading German suppliers (e.g. BASF) in production. We have our own plastics engineer on-site to ensure we maintain the unique mic o mic quality.
The safety and quality of our factory and all our products are independently monitored. As a result, we have been awarded the "TÜV SÜd" Mark.
With safety our priority, our toys do not contain any heavy-metals or phthalates, and naturally conform to the all the relevant international Toy Standards.
As well as our standard products, we can also supply all mic o mic models in your corporate colours with your company logo. Contact our SRS Team who will be glad to give you information about minimum quantity and a unique marketing product.

We love great Design.



Beauty to see and touch.

A friendly world of colours and shapes for a playful imagination. Beauty to see and touch.Take the nature, for example. It fills us with happiness. Unbeknownst to us, it generates feelings which go deeper than any passing fancy.

We tried to analyse with what indepth feelings our product must be imbued to bring it in tune with nature as we see it. It provides a subjective, artistic insight into our world of feelings, created from a positive outlook on the world.

Our products

Taking influence from places and themes around the world has inspired our international Designer Team again and again to create new mic o mic designs. Utilising the themes of Aviation, Driving and Movement offer endless possibilities for our creative designs.

From initial sketches, through working samples and collaboration with education specialists, new and exciting models are created. Each model realizes new benchmarks of qualitiy. Clear shapes united with fresh colours, technnical details and a unique sense
of touch create a toy of unrivalled quality. This is the way to experience technical functions in a playful way.


Our Deisgner Team have been inspired by suggestions and ideas from all over the world and incorporated them into the new products - creating a new series of models. With fresh colours and fine detail each mic o mic construction kit becomes a particular and unique model. At the same time, our Designers have fully redesigned the packages. All products now come presented in fresh, clear white design with small transparent window to disclose the unique fixing tabs and pins.